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What makes a Shark tick? This beautiful fish has passed the test of time. In existence for millions of years, the Shark has proven that his strength and ferocity goes unmatched. There is one species though that can conquer the mighty Shark…Man! Though Sharks can be found in bodies of water all over the globe, the Atlantic Reef, Gulf of Mexico and Key West waters are prime hunting grounds.

A note for the PETA fans, at Relentless Fishing Charters we encourage the catch and release of these wonderful fish.

Sharks were ignored as gamefish for many years. With RELENTLESS Fishing, we value them for their hard fights, long runs and aggressive behavior. Shark fishing in Key West, FL is different than many locations as we use the crystal clear waters to see and hunt the fish before the hook is set. The method to sight fishing for sharks is to use a freshly dead bonito, barracuda or other oily, bloody fish for chum to attract the predator into the area. We select the fishing location based upon tide, wind, water conditions and recent activity.

As the scent of the fresh kill is transported by the wind and tide, the shark will smell and taste the blood from a very long way. It has been scientifically proven that a shark can sense 1 drop of blood in 1 billion drops of water. That makes their sense of smell one of the most acute in the entire world. Once engaged to the scent, the shark will travel up the scent line right to the back of the boat. Whether bait fishing, fly fishing or fishing with artificial lures, this opportunity excites and entertains anglers of every skill level and age.


Now we fish from a boat, we  Chum, chum, chum and then when you get done with that, chum some more. That, and use big, bloody baits. Fishing for Sharks usually requires very heavy fishing gear as well. Heavy broomstick-like rods and a large open faced reel with at least 130lb. test main line is a good way to start when looking for a big Shark. That does not mean that a big Shark, hooked just right, cannot be brought boat side on light tackle. It is common to catch Sharks, both big and small, on all of our charters not just Shark fishing charters.

Like a Grouper or Kingfishing charter, a Shark fishing charter usually yields many other different species such as Goliath Grouper aka Jewfish, Stingrays, Barracuda, Kingfish, Grouper and don’t look now, here comes that Cobia again. Yes, and Cobia!

Shark fishing at night may have its benefits, but my experience tells me that a Shark is just as eager to eat in the day as he is at night. Most of our Shark fishing charters take place during the day as it allows for a chance to catch other sought after species in addition to Sharks. Our shark fishing charters also take place in various depths and distances from shore. It may not sit too well with the local beach bather, but some of the bigger Sharks can be found just a stones throw from the shoreline, then there are certain species that can only be reached in depths of 100 feet and beyond. Shark species common to the Gulf of Mexico and the surrounding Key West waters would include the Nurse Shark, Black Tip Shark, Lemon Shark, Bull Shark, Mako Shark, Tiger Shark and so on. Let’s just say that our fishery in Key West does not have a shortage of Sharks.

The best time to go looking for Sharks is in the warmer months for our region. However, it is never a surprise to see a Shark eat our baits while Grouper fishing deeper water in the dead of winter. Remember, our “dead of winter” is a bit different than most regions, here on the beautiful sun coast of Florida. Either way, when you are ready to step into the ring with “Jaws”, give the Relentless a call and let us give you the best advantage for a knock out punch! As stated above,  Relentless Fishing Charters  encourages catch and release when Shark fishing and will not kill a Shark just for his fins or jaws.

We provide personal service and exceptional quality – no matter shark, family or sport fishing. Our excellent service, competitive prices, and overall value are why our loyal customers won’t go anywhere else. We look forward to serving you!


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