Key Largo Sailfish Challenge

Jan. 4-6

Key Largo Sailfish Challenge. Key Largo. At the height of the sailfish season this event
follows a boat-tournament format, and prizes and trophies await first-, second- and third-place teams. Proceeds help benefit the Coral Shores High School Band program.

Call 305-240-9337 or email

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Junior Sailfish Tournament.

Dec. 14-16: Islamorada
Recreation for teens in the Florida Keys can mean learning from experienced local
captains and mates how to tie a bimini or rig ballyhoo. One weekend each year, anglers age 16 and younger can apply such lessons in this competition. A maximum of six anglers is allowed per boat. Proceeds help benefit Toys for Tots of Monroe County.

Contact Tammie Gurgiolo at 305-240-9337

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Don Gurgiolo Sailfish Classic

Dec. 7-9: Islamorada.

Part of the acclaimed Redbone at Large series of tournaments,
this all-release challenge offers anglers a chance to pursue sailfish in Captain Don’s memory. Up to four anglers can fish per boat.

Contact Tammie Gurgiolo at 305-240-9337

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IFC Captain’s Cup Sailfish Tournament.

Dec. 5-6

IFC Captain’s Cup Sailfish Tournament. Islamorada. A $25,000 winner-take-all prize,
along with the prestigious Captain’s Cup, go to the top boat team. The cash prize is guaranteed if a minimum of 20 boats registers for the tournament. Once 25 boats have
registered, an additional $1,000 is to be added to the prize money for each of the 26th through 30th registered boats. The field is limited to 30 boats.

Contact the Islamorada Fishing Club at 305-664-4735, visit www.theislamoradafishingclub.


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Bananas and Fishing Boats

Bananas and Fishing Boats

There are many stories why bananas have been thought of as bad luck on fishing boats. This is one of many nautical superstitions that I know of and is particularly prevalent amongst fishing boats. Many stories have banana oil rubbing off on ones hands and “spooking” the fish; therefore the fish don’t bite. There is always the story of a crew member slipping on the banana peel left on the deck. Some say that bananas give you the runs so you are always in the marine head and can’t catch fish because you are busy “draining the pipes”. Many other stories are told about bad luck and bananas, however the one that I find most plausible is a historical one.

Back in the days of the transatlantic crossings by wooden sailing ships many hazards would befall the captains, crew and passengers. Disease, pirates, shipwrecks, storms, etc., claimed the lives of a good percentage of the captains, crew and passengers attempting the dangerous voyage. Needless to say, a transatlantic crossing in the 17th and 18th centuries was a very risky endeavor. Often the vessels would stop along the way in tropical islands to gather provisions such as food and water. There the passengers and crew would often purchase wooden crates of bananas from the locals and bring them aboard the ship. These crates would have all manner of critters in them such as bugs, spiders, vermin and snakes.

These critters would make their way into the bilges of the ships, multiply, and then find their way into the captain’s quarters. The captains circulated the rumor that bananas were bad luck in an attempt to keep the critters off the ship and out of their cabin. The crew and
passengers were more than eager to follow suit because of the inherent risk of the crossing. So, if the captain announced prior to the voyage that bananas were bad luck and not allowed aboard the vessel, everyone complied. You must remember that these were the days of burning witches and the like, so superstitions were taken very seriously.
Watermen are a mysterious lot. While we are known for our simple pragmatism, we also have many odd quirks. Superstitions have been prevalent on almost every vessel I have been on. I feel that this is due to the nature of a waterman in that he sees the randomness of the world around him juxtaposed with the rhythmic, seasonal flows of nature and then tries to reconcile these observations into some sort of personal and/or environmental order.

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Sailfish in December

In December sailfish work their way up onto the reef to chase the schools of ballyhoo.  In December the sailfish can be in extremely shallow water.  We can spot them by looking out for frigate birds that are waiting for the fish to push the bait fish up to the surface.  We enjoy casting live ballyhoo directly to the sailfish on spinning rods.  The jumps are great, always close to the boat.


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Lighted Boat Parade

Key West Schooner Wharf Bar & Galley/Ultimat Vodka Lighted Boat Parade – 8 p.m. A tropical tribute to the season. This is a huge family affair with festivities beginning at 6 p.m. at Schooner Warf. Vessels range from kayaks to schooners. Try to catch some beads thrown from the vessels or just sit back and admire their creativity.

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Super Boat World Championship Race

Book a  Charter to View 2012 Super Boat World Championship Races

Coming to Key West to see the 2012 Super Boat International World Championship Races next week? What better way to see the races than by getting up-close and personal?   Paradise Fishing, Relentless and Red Bull Charters is offering a specialty private charter for viewing the races from the best seat in the house.

Races will be run on November 7, 9, and 11, 2012, and Paradise Fishing, Inc. will offer private charters aboard their comfortable charter boats. Our charters run from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  You can see all three races from the very best vantage point possible.

Call now to book your charter and have the best view in the house!

For more information give us a call at 305-395-1416.



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Cleaning your Fish

Knowing what to do after you catch a fish is more important than any fish cleaning tips, or fish cleaning tool, because nothing has a greater impact on the resulting quality of the fillets. Your mate for the trip will clean your fish for you.

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Kite Fishing

Kite fishing combines two great pastimes, fishing and kite flying.

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