Fish Mounts

Mounting Your Fish

Our fish mounts are the most authentic looking in the marine taxidermy industry.  If you want a replica fish mount that looks like the fish you caught, then let Paradise Fishing and RELENTELSS order your custom mount.   We continue to deliver the absolute finest products and our attention to detail is unmatched.  We pledge to give you the best possible price on your mount.   We offer mounts in our shop “Gone Fishin’” at 1102C Duval St. or you can order your mount at the boat.  Just ask your Mate or Captain about a mount.

We do not compromise quality and therefore we are confident that once you get your fish mount, you will be 100% satisfied.

Fish mounts are a way to make a very special catch or trip last forever.   A great conversation piece, the mounts are beautiful, catching each species in a startlingly life like pose. We no longer need to kill the fish to make a mount, just snap a few pictures and take a few measurements, and we are free to release it or eat it if you like.  If you want to mount a specific species, tell us in advance, and we can do everything possible to insure you get it.



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