Deep-sea Fishing:Rocks, Reefs and Wrecks

Deep-sea Fishing: Rocks, Reefs and Wrecks

Whether fishing inshore or offshore, rocks, reefs and wrecks are a good place to start looking for fish. These structures harbor every stage of the food chain and offer fish a place to hide from the punishing ocean currents.
When deep-sea fishing near artificial or natural reefs, look for fish living both in the structure or patrolling the outer edges of it. Some species only visit a structure under specific water conditions, while others are year-round residents. Even if a wreck, reef or rock pile is in hundreds of feet of water, the structure can still affect conditions on the surface. A hard structure will also affect the bottom surrounding it; look for fish as far as 100 yards from the reef.
When targeting high-speed predators such as tuna, wahoo and billfish while deep-sea fishing, it is best to troll high-speed baits or slow-troll live baits. For reef dwellers such as blackfish, grouper and snapper, or groundfish it is usually best to anchor or hold the boat in place with the engines and drop baits to the structure.
Deep-sea predators can also be fooled by sending a vertical jig to the bottom and quickly working it back to the boat like an escaping bait fish. Fish patrolling the bottom surrounding the structure can be fooled by drifting while bouncing a jig or natural bait.
These structures are easy to find on nautical charts making them a great place to start offshore fishing.

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