Cuba Trip

May 31, 2013 to June 5th 2013
Discover Cuba – a Caribbean gem, now less forbidden and naturally enticing for all who desire to find a cultural oasis of warm, generous people. Cuba’s riches go beyond it’s vibrant culture and famous white sand beaches. It offers a rich natural landscape which includes no less than 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 2 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. Be inspired by Cuba’s soulful art, musical rhythms and vibrant dance. Reconnect with Havana’s heyday of the 1950′s with a performance at the Tropicana Cabaret.

Enjoy a walking tour through the streets of old Havana; visit a cigar factory; walk along paths in search of native bird life in the national parks; lay back on white sand beaches; attend the Tropicana Cabaret show; and most importantly, make contact with the Cuban people who are eager to talk to visitors. Our adventure maximizes our interaction with the local people so you can learn first-hand what life in Cuba is really like. Join us as we go in search of the exotic culture of Cuba.

Price:  $600 per person - This is not an all-inclusive trip. You will need money in Cuba and no credit cards work in Cuba.

What is included in the price:   We will cover all the expense for the charter/boat to and from Cuba and dockage in Cuba. Include: fuel, bait, fishing equipment, tackle, ice, licenses and bait for deep sea fishing to and from Cuba.  We will also cover the price of a driver and car for each boat while in Cuba.

You will need: est: $100-$200/day – For: Meals while in Cuba, lodging, entertainment, Fuel for car and tip for drivers.

Housing: We will most likely rent a house or two with a cook.  This should cost $50 a day per person. We try to have everyone have their own rooms.

Other Things:  Night Clubs run about $15 a night including: Entertainment, drinks, a meal and lots of dancing. Rom/rum is $2 a bottle.  Beer is $1-$2 a bottle.

Detailed Itinerary

             Day 1: Leave Key West at 6 am Noon: Fish the gulfstream 8 pm: Arrive Cuba

            Day 2: Walking Tour: Central and Old Havana and  ”Fortress & Lighthouse” Art Market

            Day 3: Drive to Western Cuba – Pinar del Rio -Cigar factory

            Day 4: Open or beach time

            Day 5: 6 am Check Out of Cuba,  8 pm  Arrive back in Key West

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